Samsung Phone Icon Glossary

What does this icon mean on my cell phone?

I searched the meaning of this icon in the glossary, as well as sprint, I have the Samsung M520 I think its called, but the icon is shaped like a rectangle with 2 uneven bass lines, and 1 small next to her. Basically, it seems a stack of papers with number 1 in the lower right corner. Even called Sprint and the guy was puzzled. its the M520 by Samsung and even non-media use = /

it may be that you have 1 program running in the background. like he was playing music so thoroughly pressed send everything you have to go to the media is your manager or if you know what U sent the background just go to that program:) Edit: What Does phone so you can verify (the icons are slightly different for each phone)

MetroWeb on the Samsung Messenger 2

Samsung C414 Mobile Phone

Samsung C414 Mobile Phone


Sometimes; things should just be simple. Need a simple mobile device you can count on? The Samsung C414 is the reliable mobile phone away from home with all the useful features you want and need - right at your fingertips. Features 2.2'' Internal Screen 2.0 MP Camera Video Recording Up to 347 minutes of talk time Up to 222 hours of standby time Bluetooth Enabled Simple and classic; this flip phone comes equipped with a handy 2.0 MP camera and video recorder to capture all those unexpected memories; a multimedia player to play back your favourite music and videos; and multiple texting options to make it even easier for you to stay in touch. So bypass the bells and whistles and all the other fancy gadgets; and get back to basics with the Samsung C414. UPC: 876565002939 Manufacturer's Part Number: 72529 (10-00193)




Pop Ink - CSA Images Icon - Art Print

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