Samsung Phone Icon Glossary

What does this icon mean on my cell phone?

I searched the meaning of this icon in the glossary, as well as sprint, I have the Samsung M520 I think its called, but the icon is shaped like a rectangle with 2 uneven bass lines, and 1 small next to her. Basically, it seems a stack of papers with number 1 in the lower right corner. Even called Sprint and the guy was puzzled. its the M520 by Samsung and even non-media use = /

it may be that you have 1 program running in the background. like he was playing music so thoroughly pressed send everything you have to go to the media is your manager or if you know what U sent the background just go to that program:) Edit: What Does phone so you can verify (the icons are slightly different for each phone)

MetroWeb on the Samsung Messenger 2

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